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Marigold Fair Trade Clothing
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Fair Trade at Work

As a member of the fair trade federation we follow the following guiding principles:

  1. Paying a fair wage in the local context.

  2. Building long-term trade relationships

  3. Engaging in environmentally sustainable practices

  4. Technical training and assistance

  5. Offering employees opportunities for advancement

  6. Providing equal opportunities for all people, particularly the most disadvantaged

  7. Being open to public accountability

  8. Safe working conditions

Our Supply Chain (click to enlarge)

Marigold Supply Chain
Women at a fair trade co-op
  Fair Trade Certifying Agencies & Associations

    Transfair USA
    1611 Telegraph Ave Suite 900
    Oakland, CA 94612
    Tel. 510-663-5260
    Website  |  E-Mail

    Fair Trade Federation
    1612 K St NW Suite 600
    Washington DC 20006
    Tel. 202-872-5329
    Website  |  E-Mail

  More Fair Trade Information
    Global Exchange
    2017 Mission Street #303
    San Francisco, CA, 94110
    Tel. 415-255-7296  Fax 415-255-7498
    Co-op America
    612 K St. NW Suite 600
    Washington, DC 20006
    Tel. 202-872-5343

    Fair Trade Resource Network
    P.O. Box 33772
    Washington, DC 20033-3772
    Tel. 202-302-0976


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